Cant Decide What to get???


Why not grab one of our mixed treat boxes?

Containing 4 of our sweet goodies.

1 x Wagon Wheel

1 x PNB Wheel

1 x Mini MagYUM

1 x Mint Party


What an awesome way to end the week...... or celebrate easter.....or Xmas ..... or as gift for a friend......


Mixed Box of 4 Treats

  • All of our Cakes and Treats are Frozen Unless requested otherwise.

    If you are picking up a Cake from Us Please bring along an eksy / engel / cool bag larger than 20 cm x 20cm to pop your cake in for your trip home.

    Place Cake or treats in the fridge the night before to defrost prior to consumption.

    Please note Raw Cakes start to soften once in room temp so are not ideal to be on show or outside for long periods of time ie: outside dessert tables.